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Enjoy genuine ayurveda treatments for all kind of health problems:

Experienced staff.
Highest quality medicines.
Personalised care & treatments.
Season , individual, diseases specific packages.
Life style management: rebalance yourself.
Well equip facilities.
World wide easy acess through online services


Treatment For your Health Problem:

We are continueing 250 years tradition . We provide ayurvedic
treatment in both ways online & personally in our clinic .
Online you submit consultation form , fees medicines are your
dore steps .To visit our clinic take appointment .First we take
indetail case taking , later session of pulse diagnosis , clinical
ayurvedic examination, then we give personalized treatment
with panchakarma & diet consultation. All treatments are based
on ayurvedic principles. We Have Facilities like :

Music therapy : We advice & give  music As a therapy.
Gem therapy : We advice & give gems as therapy based on ayurjyotish
Gandha therapy : We advice & give perfume as a therapy .
Ayurekie – Sparsha Chikitsa : We Advice &give  Ayurekie sparsh chikitsa chakratherapy to balance  vital energy .
Ayuryoga : We advice & give ayuryoga therapy based on yoga & ayurveda

That’s why for ayurvedamitra process of treatment is not meer a tecnique
But its like a journey or enjoyment

Height gain & Memory Concentration,Lence Reduction Treatment
We started conducting these courses since 12 yrs.  Now a day these courses provide good platform to next generation to grow healthy physically as well as mentally.  Patients who had taken this therapy achieved their own goals regarding personality development.
Indications for this course :- Any kind of problem regarding height growth, obescity, hormonal imbalance, Lack of memory, Concentration & Intelligence, Indigestion problem.
Healthy individual also do these courses to maintain health & fitness.

Limitations :
For memory concentration course there is no age limit, as  ayurvedic tets mentioned many rejuvanative tonics (Rasayana) & herbs for the old age also.  But for the height gain course there is certain age limit.

About treatment course :
Courses are divided into basic & advanced format.

Basic Course :    
This Course Contains :-
Diet advice
Medicines  (Tab.)
Advice of diet & Exercise depend upon individual constitution.  By proper case taking constitution is diagnosed.
Duration is 1 to 6 months.

Advanced Course :
This course include different kinds of panchakarma therapy.  This again differs according to Constitution.  'Duration - 2 to 3 months.'
For memory concentration course we advice specific personal skills for the problem. Our Life style management program for memory concentration Course is having tremendous results.  This course is helpful to solve many individuals their personality disorders.  All the patients of memory concentration course are very much interested in performing daily exercise given by us.

Lence Reduction :
This Course based on principles of Panchabhautic therapy.  Eye drops, internal medicines and therapies like :
Netra basti.
Netra tarpan.
Leech therapy
are given to the patient as per their constitution. Specific  ophthalmic exercises are very much helpful.  Balancing five principles (Panchamahabutas) of body & mind are helpful for lence reduction.
You can join these courses by taking appointment personally or by filing our online consulation form given in the services



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