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You will feel satisfied knowing that we manifacture all of our medicines,oil & products At our very own ayurvedamitra pharmacy.

  • We descrie our medicines  Natures essence.
  • These products are completely natural.
  • These preparations based on authentic ayurvedic text.
  • We are continuing tradition of more than 250 years .
  • That’s why we assure purity & quality.

Ayurvedic Perfume 

Stress,depression , Addiction ,Memory loss 30ml,60ml 
Blood ditoxifire skin problemslike psoriasis,allery,pigmentation 200ml,500ml
Chyavanprash Rejuvenater ,Tonic for heart ,indication weakness,Hairfall,asthmas 500gm , 1Kg
Cough syrup   cough.Also indicated for ashtama ,allergy , rhinities,headque 200ml,I lit
Diabetes powder Diabetes ,Neuropathy, retinopathy 30gms,100gms
Face drops Face wash , pimples,dark circles  30gms,100gms
Face pack Pimples,black head , dark circles,fairness 30Gms100gms
Fairness gel Fairness,dark circles,pigmentation , sun allergy  30gm,100gms
Hair oil  All Hair problems like fall, dandruff,discolouration,split 30ml,100ml
Hair Pack washing hairs , dandruff,hair fall 60gms,100gms
Height drops hight gain ,external applicatuion ,pain relifef 5ml,50ml
Height prash  Height gain , weaknes,menstral problems   100gms,500gms
Herbal Shampoo Conditioning , dandruff          50ml,100ml
Herbovita Health drink , Digestive,Menstrual problems 200gms,1Kg
Massage oil Baby massage,muscle toner , general massage  100ml, 1lit
Massage powder  Massage,Obesity,wrinkles 60gms,150gms
Memory drop Memory loss,aging,hair fall,headque 5ml,50ml
Music therapy CD According to your health needs its given Single / 10 CD pack
Piles Cream  Piles,fissure,fistula     10gms
Pregnancy tab  Indication during pregenancy,garbhasanskar  60 tabs
Psoriasis cream Psoriasis,Fungal infection,etching 10gms,30 gms
Skin Drops  Fairness,Hyperpigmentation,dark circles 5ml,50ml
Tooth Powder tootheque,bleeding gums , dscolouration 30 gms,100gms
Wt loss syrup obesity,cholesterol,infertility  200ml,500ml


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